It’s been a long past few months,  both emotionally and physically. My health has been sub-par, and I’ve seen my doctors more frequently than I’ve seen my best friends. But this past weekend, Tall Dad and I decided to cast away the gloom and crabbiness. It was time to celebrate summertime, and all of our accomplishments this past month.

So what were these accomplishments?

Well, for one, I’ve started to get better. I’m not back to fully being myself, and some days are harder than others, but I know I am well on my way to recovery.

Our second cause for celebration is the fact that Itty Bitty started walking!!! He went straight from crawling to being a walking little rascal. I really didn’t expect it to be happening this soon, but he sure is a confident little toddler.  Here’s a cute video of his first steps.  Warning, it will probably make you squeal with delight.

So to celebrate our kickoff to summertime, I decided to take Itty Bitty on an adventure.

We stopped at Walgreens to pick up some healthy essentials – Band-Aids, Neosporin, and of course – some Neutrogena sunscreen. 

Both Itty Bitty and I need to be incredibly  careful of the sun’s rays – and I also wanted to make sure that his legs would be protected in case he tumbled and fell.  

We grabbed a huge bottle of bubbles – because it’s Itty Bitty’s favorite activity. We were prepared to have fun in the sun!

I packed our diaper bag with diapers, our healthy essentials, snacks, grabbed my kite, and drove us to India Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island.  

The park sits right along the bay, and boasts shady grassy patches which are perfect for picnics. It’s also a dynamite spot to fly kites.

The only problem…there was no wind. 

Cue sad trombone. But only for one second.

Because, one thing that I’ve learned as a mom is that you always need to improvise! Luckily I had a bag full of tricks. 

Itty Bitty was perfectly content blowing bubbles, eating snacks, and pointing at dogs for an extended amount of time. We giggled, and played in the grass, and said, “hi” to all of the people walking by. 
Then we heard drumming in the distance. Itty Bitty stood up and started walking towards the sound.
It was two drummers!!! 
I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end our celebration!  Itty Bitty loves music, and danced with delight as the drummers played their rhythms. 

Other kids came by to listen to the music, and Itty Bitty played with them – even passed around a soccer ball for a little while! It was like a toddler version of The Big Game! 

The sunshine hit our faces, and seemed to melt away all grumpiness from the past few months. Our tiny baby is now a walking toddler, and I’m on the road to recovery. 

Life is good my friends. Life is good.

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#CelebrateEveryGoal #CollectiveBias

What reasons do you have to celebrate this month?