So, Tall Dad and I have jumped feet first into the podcast world.  You are already well aware of our first foray into podcasting – ParentCast.

But, aha!  Another show!  It’s called, “The Living Reminders.”  In TLR,  we recap and discuss the show, “The Leftovers” on HBO!

The basic premise behind the “The Leftovers” is 2% of the world has disappeared on October 14th.  We then follow what happens to a small (fictional) community called Mapleton three years after what is now being referred to as, “The Sudden Departure.”  But, instead of focusing on the characters who disappeared, the driving force of the program are the people who are left over.  The regular people who have no idea why their loved ones are gone, and don’t have a clue on how to move on with their lives.  It’s a fascinating concept and that’s why we decided to podcast about it.

In our show, we recap the last episode in segment called, “Re-Heating The Leftovers.” Which is followed by our famous Listener Feedback sessions, and then “Next On The Leftovers” and the award winning, “Sudden Theory Of The Week,” anchors the end of our show – where Tall Dad and I theorize what the heck is going to happen next on”The Leftovers.”

So for your listening pleasure – I have included the first two episodes for you.  Just click the picture and it will bring you to the episode.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!