My new weekly video series is called Sunday Shares, and I will be sharing a different reason about why I LOVE what I do each week!  Watch the full video below to learn more.

#Adulting now-a-days can be quite stressful, and I have often felt trapped by financial burdens, or by working for difficult employers. Being an entrepreneur and makeup presenter with Younique has given me a wonderful new sense of FREEDOM.

I have the flexibility to work where and when I want, and am in charge of how hard I need to push myself and my company. But best of all, there’s an AMAZING support system, so I don’t feel like I have to recreate the wheel. I know I have a safety net of a dedicated sisterhood who wants me to succeed and rock by business.

If you or someone you night, might be interested in learning more about joining our company and my team, please feel free to visit THIS LINK, or contact me on Facebook here.

As always, friends, I wish you nothing but joy and love!

Have a wonderful day,