Being the a member of lashes leaders in the makeup and skincare industry has been super exciting for this lash lovin’ gal. I thought I died and went to heaven when I first found the 3D Fiber Lashes, but then we can out with our EPIC mascara – a one step mascara…and man, my lashes have never looked better. 

Have an eyelash curler? Well trust me, once you try EPIC mascara, you’ll want to chuck it, because it will just be collecting dust. That’s right folks, after over 20 years of using an eyelash curler, I no longer own one. And its all thanks to this magic mascara. Check out the picture below. It’s just ONE coat!

Told you it was pretty epic, right?

Epic Mascara #minutewithmary

So once again, I adore the length and volume that my 3D Fiber Lashes give me, but it does take 3 steps, and sometimes 3 steps aren’t for everyone. One step is easy, quick, and if you’re a diehard 3D Fiber Lash girl like myself — EPIC acts as an unbelievable base because of the curl and separation.  Want to see how easy it is to apply? Check out my video (it’s less than a minute long! So go on, check it out – I’ll wait right here!)

Application Method:

Told you that was easy 😉

Now, as always, all of my products come with an incredible LOVE IT guarantee – if you don’t love a product, within 2 weeks of receiving it you can send it back and get 100% of your money back. Or, within 90 days – and you’ll receive product credit. Pretty incredible, right?


Talk soon, friends!




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