Day dates are quickly becoming one of my favorite things. I remember before having kids, I said to my hubby that every night was a date night. We would go out for a bite, see a movie, or even just hang at home…but every night together honestly felt like a date.

Since having kids, night times have been a little different. ? So carving out little batches of time here or there, whether for an outing or just for a coffee, really the world to us. 
My hubby works 7 days a week, and I’m home with the kiddos, so when we do get some time alone, we cherish it! ?

muse paintbar pvd
I read a quote recently that really made me think. “Always strive to give your spouse the very best of yourself; not what’s left over after you’ve given the best to everyone else.” — and it’s really helped me be more present, especially in this busy season of our lives.
Day Date

Most recently we went to Muse Paintbar in Providence for one of our day dates, and we had a fantastic time. Blake had looked online at the different local paintbar options that day (yes, we have several wine/paint bars within a 20 min radius!) and chose Muse because they were doing a scene based upon the Northern Lights.

The sample painting looked easy enough, and included some of my favorite shades. I adore the winter season, and loved the little glimpses of magical snow.


But there’s a problem. You see, we’ve recently been showing our children a lot of old Bob Ross videos on Netflix, and Blake and I decided that we should pretend to be Bob Ross and make the scene our own. So we threw in some majestic mountains, a lake, and voila! Paint Night/ Day Date Success!

Cheers to anyone else who is on the day date train!

If you go on day dates, where do you like to go?


Talk soon, friends!