My Birth Story, Part 5: The Night of No Sleep

Author’s note: This is the fifth of a ten-part series recapping and examining the birth story of my Itty Bitty. Birth is a beautiful experience, but some can find the contents of the topic a bit squeemish. In light of this, please note that these posts are neither too graphic, nor are they full of more »

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How To Have A Perfect Newborn Photo Shoot

I finally got home from the hospital after giving birth. I was wearing an adult diaper, couldn’t sit on a chair unless there was an inflatable donut (special thanks to my awesome husband for going to CVS and grabbing it for me) , and my hormones had me crying over the fact that there were more »

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What Is A Postpartum Doula?

My hubby and I attended a “Meet the Doulas Night” hosted by the Doulas of Rhode Island. There we learned about birth doulas, and postpartum doulas. Below is my opinion of what a postpartum doula is and does. From what I hear, one of the chief complaints new parents have is the overwhelming fear and more »

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