Our first Baby Led Weaning food experience?  A Tasty, nutrient rich, messy-as-hell avocado. 
Our tiny baby had previously eaten avocado when it was spoon-fed to him, and he really seemed to enjoy it. So, what the heck, we gave it a whirl!  
I cut an avocado in half,  then sliced that half into four pieces, and kept the skin on so it was easier for him to hold.  The avocado was slightly ripe, but not completely mushy. 

This short video shows you what his first time feeding himself was like.

As you can see, not a whole lot gets ingested – but keep in mind – that is not the goal of Baby Led Weaning.  The goal was for him to work on his fine motor skills by working on holding the food by himself, bringing it to his mouth, and experimenting with the food.  
Itty Bitty did not choke, but did bite off a large piece, which he spit out on his own.  We ate the rest of the avocado that evening as guacamole,  and fed him the other half of the avocado the next day.

If you do not want to keep the skin on the avocado, you can take cheerios – smush the cereal up so its all crumbs – and roll the avocado slices inside the coating mixture.  This way the slices will be easier for your baby to hold!
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