About Me

My hiatus

Sorry my lovely readers that I haven’t been writing too much recently. We been going through terrible bout of three teeth coming in at once, a stomach bug, and possibly in your infection. I promise I’ll be back at it soon! Until then, please send some feel better vibes our way.

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I Went In For An Ultrasound

It started off as a pretty crummy morning. But by the end, I had a pretty big smile on my face… Here’s how it all went down: First, I forget that I had an appointment. I tumbled out of bed, threw on jeans and an only slightly smelly t-shirt (that may, or may not have more »

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I’ve Got Issues – Postpartum Issues

Let me preface this post by saying two things: 1. If you dream about being pregnant one day, and haven’t gone through it already, you may want to visit this post some day in the future.  Bookmark this page.  Now. 2. If you currently are pregnant – know that some women do not have any more »

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