There’s Nothing Like Homemade Gifts

Like many houses this time of year, we have started putting away our new Christmas gifts, boxing up gifts that we can use later with our next baby, and tossing those that have exhausted their lifespan. It’s been really heartwarming to see which gifts have already been deemed the most valuable and most loved. For more »

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Let it Snow

It was 6am on Black Friday. Tall Dad was out at work, and I was as far away from malls and shoppers as possible.  I was in my backyard. In our Winter Wonderland.  Many of you may have missed the lovely coating of snow that morning, but if you were up before 8 (the sun more »

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My Kid Sucked {guest post}

*Disclaimer: This guest post is written by Tall Dad. The following article is not representative of Mary Larsen’s thoughts or values.  She is not liable for the views expressed in the following commentary. Chances are, however, that if you’re reading this, regardless of your tastes, we probably have at least one thing in common – more »

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